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May 2019 Glenn Curtiss Museum, Hammonsport, NY






March 2019 Eastman Business Park - RED (Recycled Energy Developement)


November 2018 - Kodak Building 28


Yes, there is a big pool on the 5th floor that was never used, presumably because the building structure would not hold the weight of the water or possibly liability issues. The building does have an awesome audutorium, work-out center, 2 kitchens and a brand new Kodak history display in the first floor lobby.



December 2018 - American Packaging


2018/19 Planned Activities/Tours


September- Pig Roast & Steamers
October- Networking Meeting
November- Kodak Theater
December- American Packaging
January- Scholarship Evening

February- Nu-Flow
March- Eastman Business Park 
April- Gleason Works

May- Glenn Curtiss Museum
June- Scholarship Golf Outing



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